Chimney Sweep Service 

As a Sweep Safe Registered service our staff are fully trained and insured to work within your home. Cross Solutions Chimney Sweep Service will always leave your home clean and your chimney clear of debris. 

 Flue liner fitting or replacement 

Flue liners stop leaks and improves the performance and efficiency of your wood burning stove. It also eradicates any staining and reduces particle emissions, making it much easier to maintain. 
Building regulations specify that new chimneys should be lined, also recommended by most stove manufacturers. 
If the chimney pre-dates 1965, a pressure test will determine the feasibility. If the chimney fails the test, a lining must be installed. Different methods are available but the best option depends on the appliance and construction of the original flue. 

Stove Installations / Stove Parts Replacement 

A wood burning stove is an economical and efficient way of heating the home and, they make a fantastic focal point in the ‘hearth of the home’. 
Cross Solutions is HETAS Registered, providing the highest quality installation and guarantees the stove complies with regulations. 

 Cowl Fittings / Stack Repair 

A cowl is fitted to the chimney pot or flue to improve the performance of the flue. Chimneys are regularly affected by ‘down-draught’ which forces the air back down the chimney, particularly during windy weather, therefore with a flue in place, the problem is solved, whilst also preventing other weather conditions affecting your chimney, such as heavy rain, sleet and snow. 
Birds love to nest both inside and on top of chimneys but a cowl prevents this from happening. Unused chimneys can also be capped to stop birds nesting or entering the home and the installation of a cowl ensures that your home retains heat by preventing draughts. Should your chimney stack be damaged in any way, Cross Solutions can return it to its former glory. 

 Nest Removal 

Chimneys provide warmth and shelter for birds, making them the perfect place to build a nest. But, having birds in your chimney can cause chimney fires and dangerous blockages. Nests are not easily seen from the ground although sometimes bird activity around your chimney is apparent. Signs to look for are droppings, feathers and loose twigs in your fireplace or stove. 
Only a professional chimney sweep should make alterations to your chimney and flue as the work involves working at height and a competent person must undertake this type of work. Certificates for home insurance are issued to all customers and free advice is offered on Carbon Monoxide and combustible fuels to ensure residents’ safety. 
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